Architech (Footwear) by Alan Guyan
2015 - 2016, Platinum A' Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Winner
UA Innovation Team studied geometric shapes, nature, architecture, materials, and structures to create a unique yet functional midsole design. The final structure, consisting of an interlaced lattice design, can only be created through a proprietary 3D printing process.
Under Armour’s dedication to make all athletes better, and to our core DNA of performance, we see that all athletes can benefit from this technology. This is our first-ever 3D printed performance trainer. The UA Architech is a 360-degree performance training shoe that features a functional 3D printed midsole and 3D ClutchFit auxetic upper design that creates a “super-hybrid” trainer. This performance trainer provides athletes with the ultimate stability and cushioning to take on the most intense
Design Challenges
During the shoe manufacturing process, there are always certain levels of challenges to face, and this applies not only to 3D printed sampling, but also with high volume production. Our goal was to create a 3D printed heel component that is engineered specifically for the strength athlete training, and to provide a stable and supportive platform within all three planes of motion. This is demonstrated in the final design by only focusing on the heel section of the midsole. We wanted to focus on heel stability, yet allow for flexibility in the forefoot. Bonding several different types of footwear material components together is always a concern, and it can really make or break a product. In the early stages of development, we conducted numerous bonding trials to ensure we were selecting the right materials. We achieved this with great success, allowing us to focus on the individual component inter-gradation, and the overall execution.
Production Technology
The innovative 3D printed midsole was combined with a flow-molded 3D ClutchFit auxetic upper to provide athletes with a shoe that not only gives a locked-in, supportive feel, but also flexes and moves with the foot to provide a Zero Distractions experience. Add in the Brand’s unparalleled Charged Cushioning underfoot for responsiveness and comfort and a thin rubber outsole for traction and you have Under Armour’s most elite performance trainer, the UA Architech.
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